Post-Acute Physician Partners

Provider with patientIndividuals in post-acute settings deserve only the highest quality medical administrative and patient care services.

That is where Post-Acute Physician Partners comes in. By supplying providers who are fully dedicated to post-acute care, we assist chronic hospitals; subacute, skilled nursing, long-term care, assisted living and independent living facilities; and home care services.

By embracing a post-acute care hospitalist (PACH) model, Post-Acute Physician Partners employs talented and experienced full-time physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who spend 100 percent of their time practicing in the post-acute setting.

Not only does this model give patients and residents a better experience, but it also improves the quality of post-acute care services delivered and lowers the cost of that care.

At Post-Acute Physician Partners, we are committed to making it easier for the care process stakeholders to do what they do best – provide the right care for your patients.

To learn more about what Post-Acute Physician Partners can do for you, call us at 410-548-2343.

Post-Acute Physician Partners. A better partner means better care.

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